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Benjamin Powell on Rushing Appointment of Elizabeth Warren
Posted: Fri. August 19, 2011

Recorded: Thu. June 9, 2011
Experts: Benjamin Powell
Type: TV Appearance

Issues: Politics, Public Health/ Consumer Protection

Benjamin Powell on Texas Economy & Gun Laws
Posted: Fri. August 19, 2011

Benjamin Powell, Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute, engages with Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Network's Freedom Watch.

Recorded: Tue. July 26, 2011
Experts: Benjamin Powell
Type: TV Appearance

Issues: Economic Policy, Gun Control

Hot Talk and Cold Science of Global Warming
Posted: Thu. August 18, 2011

Based on the latest research, renowned astrophysicist Fred Singer will separate fact from fiction in this raging global warming debate.

Recorded: Thu. July 14, 2011
Experts: S. Fred Singer, David J. Theroux
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Environment

Randal Rucker Discuses the Resilience of Private Beekeeping on the John Batchelor Show
Posted: Thu. June 30, 2011

Research Fellow Randal Rucker (co-author of Plowshares and Pork Barrels: The Political Economy of Agriculture) appeared on the John Batchelor Show to discuss the resilience of honeybees through private beekeeping in the face of colony collapse disorder.

Recorded: Thu. June 30, 2011
Experts: Randal R. Rucker
Type: Radio

Issues: Business, Environment, Labor and Employment, Science

Anthony Gregory on Liberals vs. Libertarians
Posted: Tue. April 5, 2011

Anthony Gregory, Research Editor at the Independent Institute, speaks to Judge Napolitano about the cost of war spending and how President Obama’s foreign policy is similar and different to former President George W. Bush’s.

Recorded: Mon. July 11, 2011
Experts: Anthony Gregory
Type: TV Appearance

Issues: Defense and Foreign Policy, Political Ideology and Philosophy