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Ivan Pongracic, Jr.
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Ivan Pongracic, Jr.

Ivan Pongracic, Jr. is the William E. Hibbs/Ludwig von Mises Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College, where he has been teaching since 2000. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from Purdue University in 1992, and his Masters and Doctorate degrees in economics from George Mason University in 1996 and 2004, respectively. Prior to coming to Hillsdale he taught at Indiana Wesleyan University.

He came to truly appreciate the importance of free markets to human liberty and prosperity as a result of growing up in communist Yugoslavia, where he spent the first fourteen years of his life. He further developed his passion for the ideas of liberty and principles of economics through working for and being involved in various ways with many classical liberal and conservative institutions, such as the Foundation for Economic Education, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Cato Institute, and Young America's Foundation. His first book, “Employees and Entrepreneurship,” was released in 2009.