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The Power of Independent Thinking


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He’s at It Again! Merrick Garland Proposes Ever-More Intrusive ATF Regulations.
The Benefits of SB-4 Should Be Extended to All Californians to Help Ease the Housing Shortage
Newsom’s COVID Coverup
Despite the governor’s claims in his recent NBC interview, it was him calling the shots.
ObamaCare Turns Out to Be Affordable Only for the Healthy
It was supposed to help those with pre-existing conditions, but they pay dearly for bad options.
Ill Effects of Tuberville’s Abortion Protest Are Overblown
A Large Bank Failure that Few Are Talking About
How Inflation Fuels Government Growth
High interest rates hit the private sector hard while leaving Washington free to spend more money.
What Kind of Judicial Restraint Are We Talking About?
Can the Left and Right Agree on Health Reform?
The New (Old) Threat of ‘Runaway Bureaucracy’

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