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As California Fentanyl Deaths Skyrocket, Progressive Policy Makers Watch from the Sidelines
A Judge Who Understands Firearms
Judge Stephen McGlynn of the Southern District of Illinois asks probing questions about the state’s new rifle ban.
You’ll Never Woke Alone
Under wokeness and incivility, college enrollments continue to decline.
Progressives Are Declaring War on Basic Economics
Government commands destroy the benefits from markets.
‘Make America California’ Is a Bad Idea
California Defaults on $18.5 Billion Debt, Leaving State Businesses Holding the Bag
It’s Destructive and Unfair to Tax ‘Unrealized Capital Gains’
They reflect expected profits, which often fail to materialize, and the levy wouldn’t hit only the rich.
Biden’s Nominees Are a Display of Liberal Incompetence
Julie Su seems just as fit for the role as Biden’s other nominees; that is, not at all.
W.H.O. Do You Trust?
The U.S. Needs a Budget Straitjacket

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