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Is There A Trump Health Care Plan?
To Have and Withhold: The IRS Gets Your Money Before You Do
The IRS should end withholding as a good first step toward trimming the power of the federal government.
DeSantis Homeless Policy Is the Opposite of California’s ... and That’s Good
Strikes Against the Houthis Need Congressional Approval
If Congress cannot reassert its constitutional duty to approve U.S. military actions now, will it ever?
California’s ‘Paneragate’ Shows How Lobbyists Are Now Crafting Laws
Fauci and His Minions Are Still in Control
The time has come to hold Dr. Fauci and his cronies accountable for damages from the Covid pandemic.
How to Reform Social Security—Part II
Crime and Punishment, California Style
Gavin Newsom is soft on crime, but so were Govs. Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Covid Lessons Learned, Four Years Later
Mandatory lockdowns had almost no benefit—but did significant economic and health-related damage.
Delaware’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Argued in 3rd Circuit
Likelihood of prevailing on a constitutional claim may suffice for a preliminary injunction.

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