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How to Reform Social Security—Part II
Crime and Punishment, California Style
Gavin Newsom is soft on crime, but so were Govs. Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Covid Lessons Learned, Four Years Later
Mandatory lockdowns had almost no benefit—but did significant economic and health-related damage.
Delaware’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Argued in 3rd Circuit
Likelihood of prevailing on a constitutional claim may suffice for a preliminary injunction.
The Potted Plants of Higher Education
How to Reform Social Security—Part 1
California Failed the Lab Test—And More Illegal Chinese Biolabs May Exist Across the Country
California’s New Fast-Food Law Shows How Bankrupt the State’s Regulatory Process Has Become
Lessons from Gov. Newsom’s PaneraGate Scandal
Don’t Make California Health Care Worse Than It Already Is

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