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Volume 25, Issue 7: February 16, 2022

Victor Davis Hanson (American Greatness)
Medieval alchemists sought to turn base metals into precious metals like gold. The more the alchemists bumped into the reality that gold was an element, the more desperately they sought to find fantastic ways to fabricate it out of nothing. Biden operates on the same principles. He tries to turn his record of dross into golden success. And the more he fails, the more zealously he embraces his next new fantasy. Meanwhile, the midterm reckoning approaches. READ MORE »

Harvey Risch (The Wall Street Journal)
The time has come for states and the federal government to end COVID declarations of emergency along with the closures, restrictions, propaganda, distancing requirements, forced masking and vaccine mandates. COVID may circulate at some level forever, but Americans can now protect those vulnerable to it with standard medical procedures. They can treat it as they would the flu. Emergency measures need continuous justification and there isn’t one anymore. READ MORE »

David R. Legates (Real Clear Markets)
Leading climate-modelers have lined up to ridicule Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, who recently dared to wonder why, since we cannot predict tomorrow’s weather very well, they think they can predict the climate years, decades and centuries from now, even while their models repeatedly fail. His source? The renowned physicist Fred Singer’s landmark book Hot Talk, Cold Science—essential reading for today’s climate debates. READ MORE »

Robert W. Malone (Substack)
From the physician/scientist involved in inventing mRNA vaccines, there are simple truths that matter most. And here is a one: we should not have politicized the public-health response to COVID-19. Here is another: the genetic COVID vaccines are not working and are not completely safe. And here is another: as all medical procedures and medications have risks, there must be choice. Our children, in particular, may have been harmed. READ MORE »

Steve H. Hanke, Jonas Herby, Lars Jonung (Studies in Applied Economics)
A group of scientists just sifted through 18,590 studies about the effects of lockdowns on COVID mortality rates, and the data is in. In Europe and the United States, lockdowns reduced, on average, COVID-19 mortality by only 0.2%. But lockdowns inflicted catastrophic social and economic harms. It is well past time to repeal the lockdowns—and never use them again. READ MORE »

John C. Goodman (Townhall)
For the first time in modern history, a column in a major newspaper (New York Times) has advocated for the selection of a new Supreme Court Justice on whether that person’s nomination by a sitting president is payback to a political group that helped put him in office. The grossly unconstitutional nature of this criterion aside, no progressive Black American picked by President Biden will have views in tune with the actual, not imagined, views of the Black community. READ MORE »

David T. Beito, Linda Royster Beito (New York Daily News)
The recent ABC mini-series, Women of the Movement, which the network broadcast on three consecutive Thursday nights in January, introduced Dr. T.R.M. Howard—free-market entrepreneur and civil rights leader—to millions of Americans who had never heard of him. They deserve to know more. READ MORE »

T.R.M. Howard
Doctor, Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Pioneer
By David T. Beito, Linda Royster Beito

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