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Volume 25, Issue 5: February 2, 2022

Victor Davis Hanson (American Greatness)
Wokeness is not about kindness, equality, fairness, or morality. It is the power agenda of an elite of all races, not “equity”—that is their creed. We know wokeism is both contrary to human nature and antithetical to democracy and constitutional government. But above all, wokeism is a cruel cult—created by and for the careerist benefit of a privileged few. READ MORE »

By Marty A. Makary (The Wall Street Journal)
Public-health officials ruined many lives by insisting that workers with natural immunity to Covid-19 be fired if they weren’t fully vaccinated. But after two years of accruing data, the superiority of natural immunity over vaccinated immunity is clear. By firing staff with natural immunity, employers got rid of those least likely to infect others. It’s time to reinstate those employees with an apology. READ MORE »

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Greatness)
Wolf is calling out the “cult-like and insular” progressives, politicians, the media, and “luminaries of feminist health activism” who “all began to repeat only talking points from MSNBC and CNN, and soon overtly refused to look at any sources—even peer-reviewed sources in medical journals—even CDC data—that contradicted those talking points.” She is challenging what she calls the “edifice of evil” of Fauci, Big Pharma, and the entire Covid lockdown and mandate system. READ MORE »

In All Fairness
Equality, Liberty, and the Quest for Human Dignity
Edited by Robert M. Whaples, Michael C. Munger, Christopher J. Coyne

Alvaro Vargas Llosa (Washington Examiner)
Australian bureaucrats expelled Novak Djokovic from the country, the highest-ranked men’s tennis player in the world. He hadn’t received a COVID-19 vaccination. But Australia’s regulations said the naturally-immune Djokovic still had to have the jab. Science and the rule of law, anybody? READ MORE »

Martin O. Kulldorff (LinkedIn)
Persons in their 70s have roughly 40 times the mortality of those in their 40s, 100 times those in their 30s, 300 times those in their 20s, and 3,000 times that of children. So why aren’t we using age-specific measures to fight Covid? READ MORE »

John C. Goodman (Washington Examiner)
Asked what his agenda would be if Republicans regained control of Congress, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell replied that it was “a very good question. And I’ll let you know when we take it back.” Is that really the best response the GOP can muster? READ MORE »

Raymond March (AIER)
Original Covid, the Delta variant, Omicron—the problem is the same. The government can’t allocate medical treatments by fiat better than free markets, which are animated by medical suppliers selling and equally interested citizens seeking cures. The ineluctable truth: freedom saves lives. READ MORE »

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