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Volume 22, Issue 1: January 8, 2020

Bestselling Author Amity Shlaes, Oakland, 1/14/20
New York Times bestselling author Amity Shlaes takes on Lyndon Johnson and the so-called “war on poverty” in her acclaimed new book, Great Society: A New History, showing that the cost of Big-Government entitlements are blocking the very opportunities needed now and in the future for all Americans, especially the most disadvantaged. RESERVE TICKETS »

By Craig Eyermann (The Beacon, 12/30/19)
Public pension funds are $1.6 trillion short of the money they will need to pay government employees throughout their retirement years. How much money would your household need to pay to help cover a funding gap in your state’s public-employee pension plan? READ MORE »

By K. Lloyd Billingsley (The Daily Caller, 12/31/19)
Because California is a bellwether for the nation, Americans everywhere should be concerned about future restrictions on their constitutional rights. Recent laws in the Golden State abrogate the First and Second Amendments, with bans on “malicious” political videos and mandatory background checks for gun-ammo buyers. READ MORE »

Reviewed by Lee A. Craig (The Independent Review, Fall 2019)
Entitlement spending makes up more than 70 percent of federal expenditures, with over 90 percent going to those age 65 and older. In The High Cost of Good Intentions, Stanford University professor John F. Cogan looks at the history of U.S. federal entitlement programs from the Revolutionary War to the Affordable Care Act. READ MORE »

By Art Carden (Forbes, 1/1/20)
A pioneer of experimental economics, Nobel laureate Vernon L. Smith has blazed trails that help us better appreciate the workings of a free market. Now age 93 and still going strong, he continues to conduct path-breaking research that yields new insights and illuminates old truths. READ MORE »

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