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Policy Reports

Independent Policy Reports are in-depth peer-reviewed analyses of specific public policy issues written by Independent Institute research fellows. Longer than articles in The Independent Review, but shorter than books, they can be downloaded for free or bought for $10.00 each.

The Planning Penalty
How Smart Growth Makes Housing Unaffordable
Is Future Conflict with China Avoidable?
The Government’s Response to Terrorism
An Evaluation
The Way Out of Iraq
Decentralizing the Iraqi Government
Homeland Security
Learning from Japan
New Perspectives in Climate Change
What the EPA Isn’t Telling Us
Firearms and Crime
Wolf Recovery, Political Ecology and Endangered Species
Culture and Crime
Antidiscrimination in Health Care
Community Ratings and Pre-Existing Conditions
Illicit Drugs and Crime
Civil Forfeiture as a “Sin Tax”
Bank Deposit Guarantees
Why Not Trust the Market?
Monetary Nationalism Reconsidered
Police Services
The Private Challenge
Privatization in Criminal Justice
Regulation of Carcinogens
Are Animal Tests a Sound Foundation?
Toxic Torts by Government
Victim’s Rights, Restitution and Retribution
Wealth Creation as a “Sin”

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