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Date Title
10/28/2007 Alex Tabarrok cited in the New York Times, on the history of private contractors
10/25/2007 Ivan Eland quoted on Putin's Russia at [subscription required for access]
10/24/2007 Gabriel Roth on toll roads in the Long Beach Press-Telegram
10/24/2007 Ivan Eland on how to partition Iraq, at
10/21/2007 William Ratliff in the Washington Times on Che Guevara
10/19/2007 Gabriel Roth on parking meters, in Kansas City's Business Journal
10/18/2007 The Empire Has No Clothes is cited in the Huffington Post.
10/16/2007 Alvaro Vargas Llosa on Peru's Fujimori, at
10/16/2007 Alex Tabarrok on the 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics, at Reason Online
10/9/2007 Carlos Sabino in the Christian Science Monitor on populist Lugo's bid to run Paraguay
10/7/2007 Gabriel Roth quoted by the Boston Globe, on the economic market for roads
10/2/2007 Ivan Eland on how Iraq partitioning could work, in the Des Moines Register
10/2/2007 Robert Higgs cited in the Daily Colonial on national security spending
10/1/2007 “Schizophrenic U.S. Farm Policy,” by E. C. Pasour, Jr., and Randal R. Rucker (McClatchy Newspapers)
9/28/2007 Pasour and Rucker on U.S. farm policy, in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review
9/27/2007 Gabriel Roth on traffic congestion in the Detroit News
9/25/2007 Washington Times quotes Donald Downs on Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia
9/24/2007 Ivan Eland in the Providence Journal on Bush's foreign policy blunders.
9/24/2007 Gabriel Roth on traffic congestion in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
9/21/2007 Leon Hadar discusses Syria on
9/18/2007 features Leon Hadar's new policy report
9/10/2007 Charles Peña in the Buffalo News on the CIA’s 9/11 report
9/2/2007 The Observer quotes Charles Peña on General Petraeus’s report.
9/1/2007 John Semmens in the Wall Street Journal, with a new approach to driver licensing. (Subscription needed for access.)
9/1/2007 Robert Higgs quoted on the U.S. defense budget in Aspen Times Weekly
8/28/2007 Ivan Eland in the Washington Times on the last hope for Iraq
8/27/2007 Electric Choices is recommended in the Wall Street Journal. (Subscription may be needed for access.)
8/23/2007 Leon Hadar recommends “benign neglect” in middle east, in the Daily Union.
8/22/2007 Depression, War, and Cold War cited in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
8/22/2007 Pierre Lemieux on the Canadian/ American productivity gap, in the National Post.
8/20/2007 Leon Hadar recommends “benign neglect” in middle east, in the Reno Gazette-Journal.
8/16/2007 Alvara Vargas Llosa quoted in Bloomberg News on Chavez’s power grab.

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