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Date Title
12/5/2008 John McCaslin reviews Recarving Rushmore at
12/5/2008 Washington Times praises new Ivan Eland book Recarving Rushmore
12/1/2008 Charles Pena in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: no mandatory ignition interlocks
12/1/2008 Los Angeles Times quotes William Shughart on bailout spending
12/1/2008 Charles Pena in Courier Post on alcohol sensors in cars
12/1/2008 Alvaro Vargas Llosa quoted on Latin American trade in Bloomberg News
11/28/2008 Steve Chapman cites Robert Higgs in Star Tribune
11/26/2008 Stephen P. Halbrook quoted in Winchester Star on rising gun sales
11/25/2008 The New American online quotes Robert Higgs on bailouts
11/25/2008 Steve Hanke's column citing Robert Higgs excerpted on Baltimore Sun blog
11/24/2008 Alex Tabarrok cited on Larry Summers in New York Times blog Economix
11/24/2008 Arthur Foulkes quotes Robert Higgs in Tribune Star
11/23/2008 Tyler Cowen quotes Robert Higgs in Sunday's New York Times
11/23/2008 John Stossel quotes Robert Higgs: this is not another Great Depression
11/23/2008 William F. Shughart II in Washington Times on Russia's dangerous oil politics
11/23/2008 William F. Shughart II in Washington Times on Russia's dangerous oil politics
11/21/2008 Robert Higgs cited on New York Times blog Freakonomics
11/21/2008 Arthur Foulkes quotes Robert Higgs: This is not another Great Depression
11/20/2008 Ivan Eland comments Janet Napolitano, Obama in Christian Science Monitor
11/20/2008 Alex Tabarrok on St. Louis gun buybacks at St. Louis Post Dispatch online
11/18/2008 Stephen P. Halbrook quoted on spike in gun sales in Dallas Morning News
11/14/2008 William J. Watkins, Jr. quoted in New American on legality of the bailout
11/13/2008 Robert Higgs in Town Talk: Get government out of private banking
11/13/2008 Charles Pena in Connecticut Post on defense spending, security
11/13/2008 Alex Tabarrok quoted on Wall Street Journal blog
11/12/2008 Charles Pena in Keene Sentinel: more defense spending but less security
11/11/2008 Charles Pena at Miami Herald online on Obama administration defense budget
11/5/2008 Stephen P. Halbrook in NPR debate: Guns reduce crime
11/5/2008 Alex Tabarrok quoted in Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Election Day
11/5/2008 Robert Higgs quoted in American Spectator on election results
11/4/2008 Stephen P. Halbrook represents NRA in new case
11/3/2008 Alvaro Vargas Llosa quoted at CBC News online on D.C. and the financial crisis

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