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Skyrocketing Crime, Post-COVID-19 Schools, Biden's Appointments | Independent Outlook 22
Posted: Mon. July 19, 2021, 10:30am PT

In this twenty-second episode of Independent Outlook, David Theroux, Williamson Evers, and Graham Walker examine urban violence on July 4th and gun rights; public and private police and crime; Big Tech and antitrust; environmental quality and myths; Biden's radical appointees; Critical Race Theory, racialism and the teachers unions; individualism and the incoherence of collectivism; progressivism's racist past in the public schools and urban renewal; SCOTUS rulings and privacy; inflation, the failure of Modern Monetary Theory and the Federal Reserve; and much more.

Recorded: Wed. July 7, 2021
Experts: Williamson M. Evers, David J. Theroux, Graham H. Walker
Type: Independent Institute TV

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