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Young Americans and the Delusional Appeal of Socialism
Posted: Fri. May 21, 2021, 10:26am PT

Surveys claim that younger Americans favor socialism far more than preceding generations. What accounts for this fatal attraction and how can we reverse it? What role does social media—which young people remain glued to—have in this apparent leftward trend? On the other hand, what potential does social media have for generating greater appreciation for liberty and enterprise? In this compelling Lighthouse Briefing, Independent Institute Executive Director Dr. Graham H. Walker addresses these questions and more with Chloe Anagnos and Jonathan Hofer—two young, Independent Institute staffers who are careful observers of their own generation (“Millennial” and “Gen Z”).

Recorded: Fri. April 23, 2021
Experts: Chloe Anagnos, Jonathan Hofer, Graham H. Walker
Type: Independent Institute TV

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