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Chloe Anagnos
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Chloe Anagnos

Chloe Anagnos is the former Director of Marketing, Outreach, and Sales at the Independent Institute.

A second-generation Greek-American, her great-grandparents were political prisoners during the Communist-backed, Greek Civil War, and her grandparents achieved the “American Dream” when they moved to the United States and opened the businesses that are still operating today in Elkhart, Indiana.

She brings passion and expertise in numerous capacities by building and managing publications, marketing and communications programs to advance free societies and human flourishing. In this regard, she has served as Principal at Argo Strategy, Publications Manager at the American Institute for Economic Research, Digital Writer and Analyst for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, and Director of Media and Digital at Advocates for Self-Government. In addition, she is the Indianapolis Chapter President for America’s Future.

Her work has been the subject of articles in Fox News, USA Today, CNN Money, and Wired, and her many articles have appeared in The Epoch Times, Entrepreneur,, American Institute for Economic Research, and the James G. Martin Center for Economic Renewal.

She received a B.A. in telecommunications and journalism from Ball State University.