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Millenarian Mobs, Wildfires, Woke Football, and Milton Friedman | Independent Outlook Episode 4
Posted: Tue. September 29, 2020, 10:53pm PT

In this fourth episode of Independent Outlook, David Theroux, Williamson Evers, and Graham Walker examine "Millenarian Mobs" and "utopian" street violence, leftist assassinations of police officers, government responsibility for the California wildfires, woke culture and football, Judeo-Christianty and civic virtue, Milton Friedman and corporate responsibility, and more!

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“Millenarian Mobs: An Old and Dangerous Story,” by Angelo M. Codeville

“California Wildfires: Key Recommendations to Prevent Future Disasters,” by Lawrence J. McQuillan, Hayeon Carol Park, Adam B. Summers, and Katherine Dwyer

“Kansas City Fans Were Right to Book at Chiefs' Opening Game,” by William J. Watkins, Jr.


The Abolition of Man, by C.S. Lewis

Capitalism and Freedom, by Milton Friedman

Nature Unbound: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment

The Pursuit of the Millennium, by Norman Cohn

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