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Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

With California's current economic despair, how will we get the economy out of its rut? With compelling portraits of those who defy convention to originate the products that fire a growing economy, George Gilder will deliver an ardent message: People must be free as entrepreneurs to innovate and create new wealth through market-based enterprises which benefit everyone.

More than any other nation, America has benefited from entrepreneurial freedom. But whereas in the 1980s, the "Forbes 400" of wealthiest people experienced it's biggest turnover ever, going into the 1990s, our growth and prosperity appear to have stalled.

High tax rates, regulations, and runaway liability today are stifling such progress, especially for the very poor. Chosen not by blood, credentials, education, or service to the establishment, entrepreneurs succeed by performance alone. for service to consumers. Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Steve Wozniak, Soichiro Honda, William Hewlett & David Packard, Sony's Akio Morita, and Bill Gates all began in the "skunk works" of their trades. All had to stoop to conquer, and they embody the entrepreneur whose worth is retained only through constant work and satisfying the customers.

George Glider will demonstrate how we can recapture this essential spirit of enterprise. If entrepreneurs are freed and allowed to rise up and meet the challenges of the future, America and California will once again become first by serving others.

George Gilder

Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute

Author, "Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise"

David J. Theroux

Founder and President, The Independent Institute

Recorded: Thu. February 24, 1994
Experts: George F. Gilder
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Antitrust, Competition, and Monopoly, Business, Free Market Economics, Privatization

Entrepreneurship and the High Technology Revolution: Honoring David Packard
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

A luncheon to honor David Packard, co-founder of The Hewlett-Packard Company.

Recorded: Thu. June 8, 1995
Experts: William R. Hewlett, David Packard, George P. Shultz, Edwin V. Zschau
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Business, Technology

Free Markets and the Economics of Life
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

Economics is never the "dismal science" when discussed by Nobel Laureate economist Gary S. Becker and his wife, the historian Guity Nashat Becker. In this Independent Policy Forum and based on their book, The Economics of Life: From Baseball to Affirmative Action to Immigration, How Real-World Issues Affect Our Everyday Life, the Beckers will examine the "war on drugs," healthcare, education, marriage and divorce, the homeless, immigration, corporate leadership, religion, baseball, affirmative action, the minimum wage, Social Security, crime, and much more.

Recorded: Thu. March 18, 1999
Experts: Gary S. Becker, Guity Nashat Becker
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Economic Policy, Economists, Free Market Economics

Fixing America's Cities: Privatization and Community Empowerment
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

Stephen Goldsmith

Mayor, City of Indianapolis, Indiana

Author, "The Twenty-First Century City"

Recorded: Tue. April 6, 1999
Experts: Stephen Goldsmith
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Land Use, Property Rights, Regulation and Deregulation, Transportation, Urban Issues

The New Path for Africa: Establishing Free-Market Societies
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

Why has Africa, despite its rich history, cultures, and abundant resources, largely remained in the grip of dictatorship, starvation, genocide and war? How can this tragic legacy of colonialism, socialism, and plutocracy be replaced with the welfare of economic liberalization, individual rights, and the Rule of Law? Based on his new book, "Africa in Chaos," award-winning economist George Ayittey will examine the record of American statism and the revolution for free-market societies.

George B. N. Ayittey Professor of Economics, American University Author, Africa in Chaos and Africa Betrayed

David J. Theroux Founder and President, The Independent Institute

Recorded: Wed. April 28, 1999
Experts: George B. N. Ayittey
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Civil Liberties/ Human Rights, Defense and Foreign Policy, Economic History and Development (International), Free Market Economics

Tiananmen Square: 10 Years Later
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

In 1989, during a large peaceful student demonstration in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government deployed its military to massacre hundreds of unarmed students and other civilians in order to stop a growing movement for democratization and individual freedom. Since then, tens of thousands who have spoken out have been imprisoned, tortured and killed, and the government has refused to even admit that such atrocities have occurred. This Independent Policy Forum featured three outstanding experts, including two of the leaders of the original Chinese student movement. They discussed the events then and since, the current movement in China for freedom, and the implications of current Chinese government policies for Americans.

Recorded: Wed. June 16, 1999
Experts: Timothy J. Brook, Jing Chang, Danxuan Yi
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Free Speech, Freedom, Government Power, History (International), Political Ideology and Philosophy

Liberty and the Failures of Government
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

Walter E. Williams is one of America's best known and insightful commentators on current affairs, politics, and the economy. Millions have read his syndicated newspaper columns or heard his stints as guest host of "The Rush Limbaugh Show." In this special Independent Policy Forum, Professor Williams will examine the results governmental bureaucracies have achieved when attempting to address such problems as health, education, crime, housing, civil liberties, and transportation. His analysis will show how government today is a more of a usurper of rights than it is a protector, and that innovative, free market approaches offer the best hope of solving major social problems.

Recorded: Tue. July 20, 1999
Experts: Walter E. Williams
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Bureaucracy and Government, Civil Liberties/ Human Rights, Freedom, Government Waste/Pork, Political Ideology and Philosophy

Guns and Violent Crime
Posted: Fri. January 23, 2015

With the recent school massacre in Littleton, Colorado; the shootings of Jewish children in Los Angeles; and rampant drive-by shootings and other atrocities, what can and should be done to protect the innocent against violence in American society? Can government protect the citizenry against gun-related violence? What is the record of individual self-defense against violence in Britain and the U.S.? In this very timely Independent Policy Forum, acclaimed historian Joyce Lee Malcolm and civil rights attorney Don Kates will examine gun laws, violence, and rights.

Recorded: Tue. September 21, 1999
Experts: Don B. Kates, Jr., Joyce Lee Malcolm
Type: Institute Events

Issues: Civil Liberties/ Human Rights, Crime, Criminal Justice/ Prisons, Culture/ Society, Gun Control, Law Enforcement