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Posted: Wed. June 1, 2016

Ryan M. Yonk, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, presents Nature Unbound: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment, an analysis of federal environmental policy, through the lenses of biological perspective and political ecology.

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Posted: Wed. June 1, 2016

Scott Sumner's new book, The Midas Paradox, is a story thirty years in the making.

This video was produced by Mercatus Center.

Posted: Wed. June 1, 2016, 7:55am PT

Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of A Better Choice appeared on the Bill Martinez radio show to talk about a new bill introduced in Congress to replace Obamacare. The bill, called the "World’s Greatest Health Care Bill" will bring free market ideas to the US healthcare system by offering a fixed tax credit for all, regardless of income. Based on ideas in Goodman's book, A Better Choice, the bill corrects perverse incentives of Obamacare and gives more healthcare choices to consumers, instead of government bureaucrats.

Posted: Wed. May 18, 2016

With long lines at TSA checkpoints, air travelers are missing their flights and getting fed up. The TSA is not getting any better at customer service because travelers are not their customers. Sr. Fellow Benjamin Powell says the only way to solve the issue to privatize security and make each individual airline responsible for their passengers' security. Competition would make the airlines serve their customer base and passengers can make choices based on security and convenience.

Posted: Mon. May 16, 2016

Abby Hall Blanco analyzes the discussion about national surveillance, the case of Edward Snowden and the leak of classified NSA information that confirmed the government collects and has access to the personal information of US citizens, as well as how individual freedom and privacy have been hijacked through the years under the guise of protection from terrorism.

Posted: Wed. May 11, 2016

Join Independent Institute at the 2016 Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars. By learning the ethical and economic principles of free societies that are essential to understanding, appreciating, and preparing for real world issues, college-aged students put themselves in the driver’s seat of “The Free Life”: a life of liberty in pursuit of the good. Are you up to the challenge?

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June 20–24, 2016: Santa Clara, California
July 18–22, 2016: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Posted: Wed. May 4, 2016

In this panel held in 1999, Williamson Evers, Andrew J. Coulson, and Myron Lieberman analyze the U.S. educational system focusing on three main topics: What are the problems in American schools? Why are American schools facing these problems? What kind of system do we want?

Posted: Tue. April 26, 2016

David Beckworth, host of "Macro Musings" podcast interviewed Scott Sumner, author of "The Midas Paradox", on the content of this book, what caused the Great Depression, monetary economics among other topics.

Thanks to Mercatus Center at George Mason University for the permission to publish this podcast.