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Housing First Isn’t Working to Solve Homelessness. We Need a Holistic Model
California Homelessness
Billions Are Spent Every Year, and the Problem Just Gets Worse
The Gathering Storm in the West
Few are listening any more to the clueless Justin Trudeaus and bumbling Joe Bidens and all the toxic hypocrisies they embody.
The Fall of Canada, the Danger in the U.S.
FDA Continues to Meddle With Covid-19 Treatments
Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Masterpiece
Will the people ever learn how false information was seeded throughout the government and media in a conspiratorial effort to destroy a sitting president?
Time to End the Covid Emergency
Between Omicron’s rise, layered immunity, and therapies, it’s safe to treat the virus like the flu.
The Inspiring Truth about T.R.M. Howard: An Unexpected Black History Month Lesson
Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump
Database Artifact, Smoking Gun, or Something in Between?
Is It Time for Intellectuals to Talk about God?
It’s a New Dark Age. Evil abounds. Is a postmodern embarrassment about discussing spiritual matters, keeping us stupid and putting us in danger?

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