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Sanctions Are for Losers
While sanctions fail to change Iran’s policies, they inflict severe hardships on civilians and rally support for the regime.
Colleges Are Waging War Against Men
The Radical Calculus of Campus Encampments: A Closer Look at Left-Liberal Protest Tactics
How university presidents dismantle these forcing beds of radicalism matters.
Why Are Both Homelessness and Homelessness Spending Growing?
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Pursues Predatory Actions
The department should have never existed in the first place.
Slavery Revisited: Time on the Cross at 50
Saudi Arabia Goes for Transformative Hat Trick
Major update in every sense except political one
Covid Lessons Learned, Four Years Later
Mandatory lockdowns had almost no benefit—but did significant economic and health-related damage.
Harvard Tramples the Truth
When it came to debating Covid lockdowns, Veritas wasn’t the university’s guiding principle.
Proposition E Is a Step Backward for San Francisco’s Crime Woes

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