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Cut Pork from the Farm Bill
The GOP’s Wilsonian Mexico Policy
Authorizing military force in Mexico will not end the way they think.
Ukraine Should Never Be Admitted to NATO
Kyiv is demanding that the alliance give it something to walk away with at Vilnius. Will it succumb?
Sanders’ Medicare-for-All Would Destroy America’s Health Care
3 Economic Truths Americans Can Learn from France’s Pension Flap
The FTC Is Wrong about Mergers and Monopoly, Yet Again
America Needs More McJobs
I See Dead Policies
Think Biden’s Railroad Across the Indian Ocean Is a Fantasy? Check Out California’s Vaunted ‘Bullet Train.’
America Should Be More Like Saudi Arabia (In Its Foreign Policy)
Washington ought to emulate Saudi Arabia’s pragmatism and diplomatic flexibility, including reconsidering existing relationships and alliances.

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