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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Bread and Circuses, Then and Now: America Mimics Rome’s Decline
What does the fall of Rome have to do with modern America?
An American Lack of Introspection on Failed U.S. Foreign Policy
The American people must be shown that foreign policy crises don’t arrive out of the blue.
Beware the Rise of Esports Washing
How Saudi Arabia exploits video games for PR
Adam Smith’s Great Power Politics in One Paragraph
San Francisco Values? Nancy Pelosi Explains It All for You.
According to her city, rules that apply to the working class don’t apply to the ruling class.
The Can Conundrum: Governments Don’t Have Coherent Goals
The Legacy of Carlos Alberto Montaner
This great Cuban patriot fought with the pen, not the sword
Does China Have a Point About U.S. Encirclement?
Virus Variant: Perpetuating White Coat Supremacy in America
A new Covid variant pops up and strengthens a failed and unreformed scientific bureaucracy.
A Large Bank Failure that Few Are Talking About

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