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Don’t Expect Trump’s All-Tariff Revenue Plan to ‘Starve the Beast’
Stiglitz: When Good Minds Seek Fools’ Favor
The Bad Theology of Our Israel First Foreign Policy
Javier Milei Shows Newsom and Biden How It’s Done
Sanctions Are for Losers
While sanctions fail to change Iran’s policies, they inflict severe hardships on civilians and rally support for the regime.
Identity Politics Explained
A Missed Off-Ramp for U.S. Venezuela Policy
American sanctions keep backfiring, so why do we keep using them?
Resolving Border Crisis Requires Increasing Legal Migration
Russian Self-Destruction Helps America
Putin has gone from a flirtation with free-market capitalism to increasingly authoritarian kleptomania.
Malthus Reversed: The Birth Dearth and Our Future
The new threat to human well-being is a shrinking population, not a growing one.

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