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Science Closes in on Covid’s Origins
Four studies—including two from WHO—provide powerful evidence favoring the lab-leak theory.
Dangers of a Digital Dollar
If widely used, it would give the central bank unprecedented power over the financial system.
The United States Should Take a Page from the German Election Playbook
Our Woke National Icons
Milley, Fauci, and Biden are soulless men who reveal the bankruptcy of our ruling class.
Now Is the Time to Reign in Excessive Executive Power
Peru’s Dim Future from Shining Path
Maoist revolutionary Abimael Guzmán is dead at 86, and a Marxist-Leninist is president.
El Salvador, Bukele’s Bitcoin Bunkum
Bukele’s Bitcoin dream is based on a lie.
Bukele’s Bitcoin Blunder, Totalitarian Troubles in El Salvador
How the president of El Salvador is using cryptocurrency to usurp power.
The Domestic Legacy of Our Global “War on Terror”
Afghanistan: A Poster Child for Foreign-Aid Failure

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