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CA Propositions 26 and 27 Are More about Protectionism than Gambling
No on Prop. 31: Big Police Can Be Worse than Big Tobacco
Why Proposition 13 and Attacking It Are Both Popular
The Tentacles of the Social Media Octopus
Why Biden’s Pot Pardons Are a Step in the Right Direction
How San Francisco Can Solve Its Homelessness Problem
A campus-based model in San Antonio suggests a path forward.
Remembering Hate Speech
What we used to know as “hate speech” is now presidentially acceptable speech, and what has followed from it is no surprise.
Martha’s Meltdown Model
The Martha’s Vineyard experience marks a unique opportunity for modern bicoastal progressivism.
Prohibition Is A Bad Way to Deal with Flavored Tobacco
Time to Scrap the Espionage Act of 1917

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