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Progressives Are Declaring War on Basic Economics
Government commands destroy the benefits from markets.
The Surprising Thing the Champions of San Francisco’s Drug Centers Forget
We Need a Better China Policy. Banning TikTok Isn’t It.
California Defaults on $18.5 Billion Debt, Leaving State Businesses Holding the Bag
Biden’s Nominees Are a Display of Liberal Incompetence
Julie Su seems just as fit for the role as Biden’s other nominees; that is, not at all.
Using Sedition and Domestic Terrorism Laws against Rioters Is Overkill
What Happened to Stanford?
The list of serial embarrassments at Stanford reads like the suicides of Greek tragedy, where divine nemesis follows hubris.
Dear Conservatives, I Apologize
My “team” was taken in by full-spectrum propaganda
Yes to Restitution, No to Reparations
Race Everywhere
“Whites”—to the extent we can determine any race in an intermarried, multiracial society—do not fit the now ossified definition of an exploitive majority.

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