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Second Amendment: Just in Time for the Supreme Court to Consider in Rahimi
The Ninth Circuit invalidates the felon gun ban for non-violent offenses with no Founding-era analogues.
The Radical Calculus of Campus Encampments: A Closer Look at Left-Liberal Protest Tactics
How university presidents dismantle these forcing beds of radicalism matters.
Pathway for an Imperial Presidency
Renters Are the Biggest Losers in Kentucky’s New Registration Law
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Pursues Predatory Actions
The department should have never existed in the first place.
ATF Redefines ‘Engaged in the Business’
Agency pushes the envelope to require gun dealer licenses beyond the statute.
DEI Cronyism and Woke Grifters
How odd it is that America is wasting billions of dollars hiring DEI czars and electing woke politicians, who so often accuse others of a multitude of sins, largely as a way of enriching themselves.
A Red Flag for Kamala Harris
Vice President Harris has trouble distinguishing mass shooters from their victims.
DeSantis Homeless Policy Is the Opposite of California’s ... and That’s Good
Crime and Punishment, California Style
Gavin Newsom is soft on crime, but so were Govs. Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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