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Proposition E Is a Step Backward for San Francisco’s Crime Woes
California Versus Free Speech: Mobsters Who Attacked Riley Gaines Get Off Scot-Free
Reporters seem unaware that the attack on free speech in the state has been going on for some time.
The Bitter Truth Behind Sugary Soda Taxes
Wichita Poised to Be National Model in Addressing Homelessness
In Los Angeles, “Squatters Have Rights, Too”
Agency ‘Guidance,’ Interpretive Regulations, and Chevron
State and federal agencies express views that are thinly-veiled diktats.
The California Exodus Gets a Gag Order
According to the Los Angeles Times, people should leave “without verbally trashing the place.”
Housing Alone Cannot Solve Homelessness
The Decline in American Universities, 2011-2024
It’s Time to Tax the Universities
Elite schools aren’t benefiting society. They shouldn’t get tax breaks.

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