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Robinson-Patman Deserves Last Rites, Not Resurrection
Anthony Fauci Tells Columbia Medical Students to Lie Just Like Him
They would do better to follow the rule of “first do no harm.”
Biden FCC Threatens Free Speech by Restoring Internet Regulations
Regulations for net “neutrality” stifle choice and innovation.
20th Century Ideology, Modern Mixed Economies
California’s ‘Paneragate’ Shows How Lobbyists Are Now Crafting Laws
Fauci and His Minions Are Still in Control
The time has come to hold Dr. Fauci and his cronies accountable for damages from the Covid pandemic.
California’s New Fast-Food Law Shows How Bankrupt the State’s Regulatory Process Has Become
S.F. Proposition B’s ‘Cop Tax’ Would Increase Budget Uncertainty without Guaranteeing Better Policing
Proposition E Is a Step Backward for San Francisco’s Crime Woes
The Biden Administration versus Medicare Advantage

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