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Congress Aims to Extend Warrantless Surveillance for the Foreseeable Future
These measures have no place in a free and democratic society.
The California Exodus Gets a Gag Order
According to the Los Angeles Times, people should leave “without verbally trashing the place.”
Fauci, Friends, and Fallout
The time has come to hold Fauci and friends fully accountable for their actions.
Let Unconstitutional Federal Government Surveillance of Americans Lapse
Section 702 always has been unconstitutional; Congress should let it lapse.
How FDR Emasculated the Black Press in World War II
Instead of indulging in politically risky sedition prosecutions of the black press, the government relied on indirect methods of behind-the-scenes manipulation and intimidation.
Christmas Comes Early for Government Snoops
The new FBI motto should be “here’s looking at you, kid.”
Through the GAO, the Deep State Chooses Government Leaders
In effect, the GAO functions as a supreme court for the federal bureaucracy.
Nearly a Century Later, the FCC Will Still Not Leave Well Enough Alone
Sun Shines on Fed ‘Doomsday Book’
Through a simple Freedom of Information Act request, I obtained the mysterious document.
Biden’s State Department Paid NewsGuard to Tar Organizations Like Ours

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