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California’s China Syndrome Exposed
Newsom’s state is grasping at plastic straws but ignoring a covert Chinese bio-lab.
Beware the ‘Community Schools’ Trojan Horse
These schools are teacher’s union controlled indoctrination centers.
Fauci-Friendly Jeanne Marrazzo Named New Director of NIAID
The New (Old) Threat of ‘Runaway Bureaucracy’
Biden Administration Is ‘Irreparably Harmed’ by Free Speech Injunction
According to the White House, it needs to squash the First Amendment rights of its opposition.
Gerald Ford, a Fill-In or Filled with Consequence?
Fauci Family Values
Children and pregnant women are suitable subjects for experiments with toxic drugs.
President Biden’s Inflation Malarkey
FBI Spy Robert Hanssen Dies in Prison
But a failed, repressive FBI is very much alive.
Why Police License Plate Readers Might be Illegal

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