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Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar

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Past Faculty

Tom W. Bell
Professor of Law,
Chapman University
Art Carden
Art Carden
Professor of Economics
Samford University
Steven Horwitz
Abigail R. Hall
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Tampa
Steven Horwitz
Steven Horwitz
Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics and Department Chair, St. Lawrence University
Robert P. Murphy
Professor of Economics
Texas Tech University
Ivan Pongracic, Jr.
Professor of Economics, Hillsdale College
Kyle Swan
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Sacramento State University
Mary L.G. Theroux
Senior Vice President,
Independent Institute
Jose Yulo
Lawrence H. White
Professor of Economics,
George Mason University
Ryan M. Yonk
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Southern Utah University
Jose Yulo
José M. J. Yulo
The Academy of Art University




Challenge of Liberty Seminars are made possible by the generous support of our donors, who have joined with us to educate students and young adults regarding the moral and economic foundations of free societies. 

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