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Volume 6  Number 4  •  Spring 2002
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Health and Human Services “Privacy” Standards: The Coming Destruction of American Medical Privacy
An Ambivalent Legacy: Black Americans and the Political Economy of the New Deal
The Stakeholder Concept of Corporate Control Is Illogical and Impractical
Can a Reparations Package Be a Bill of Attainder?
For-Profit Schools Are Making a Comeback
Richard T. Ely: Paladin of the Welfare-Warfare State
Now More Than Ever, Your Vote Doesn’t Matter
State Lotteries: Advocating a Social Ill for the Social Good

Review Essays
On the Brink of World War II: Justus Doenecke’s Storm on the Horizon

Book Reviews
The Constitution and the New Deal
Fighting Poverty with Virtue: Moral Reform and America’s Urban Poor, 1825-2000
The Natural Gas Market: Sixty Years of Regulation and Deregulation
Crime and Politics: Big Government’s Erratic Campaign for Law and Order

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