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Volume 27, Issue 15: April 9, 2024

Daniel B. Klein (Wall Street Journal)
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments last month in the momentous case of Murthy v. Missouri. At issue is the constitutionality of government censorship of speech deemed “misinformation.” Not concerned that the Court could get this wrong? You should be. READ MORE »

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)
The left loves Red Flag laws, including Vice President Kamala Harris. She needs a Red Flag herself—for believing, for instance, that peacefully protesting parents and pro-life activists are dangerous extremists. She also seemingly has trouble distinguishing mass shooters from their victims. READ MORE »

Craig Eyermann
The CBO recently issued its latest ten-year budget and economic outlook. Care to guess what the public portion of the U.S. national debt will be in just ten years? (Be seated when you read the real number....) READ MORE »

Scott Beyer
Way, way too easy. But the problem goes beyond “squatting,” which is a symptom of something much deeper and, over the long haul, much more destructive. “Tenant protection” law is its name. READ MORE »

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