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Volume 27, Issue 16: April 16, 2024

Jonathan Hofer (The Beacon)
A recently released documentary, Phantom Parrot, sheds light on Britain’s extensive state-surveillance apparatus. The film should be required viewing in the UK—and by every Yankee across the pond. And be prepared to be upset. READ MORE »

William F. Shughart II (American Spectator)
Apple, which just got sued by the DOJ, dominates U.S. smartphone shipments. But large market share today does not guarantee future market supremacy. Or even current market supremacy. Google and Samsung are, after all, no shrinking violets needing protection. Did nobody at DOJ study economics? READ MORE »

Michael C. Munger (AIER)
Pretty much everything is about information and incentives—which is why commercial institutions give people reasons to take the wants of other people into account and why politics, by contrast, makes people selfish. Prosperous communities or the contentious hive—you choose. READ MORE »

The Economic Future
An Introduction
The Independent Review, Winter 2015/16

Colin Grabow (Catalyst)
Talk about a difficult position. Faced with the increased prosperity, and manufacturing success, that correlates with lowered trade-barriers, protectionists nevertheless try to make the case that trade liberalization has led to widespread harm. Will they ever give up? READ MORE »

The Road to Crony Capitalism
The Independent Review, Winter 2018/19

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