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Volume 27, Issue 14: April 2, 2024

Benjamin Powell (Real Clear Markets)
Supporters of Trump may be willing to bear the burden of higher prices and lower incomes if U.S. manufacturing jobs are protected. However, his trade policies did not deliver on either. It turns out that ignoring economic realities can earn you political points. READ MORE »

Scott Atlas (Independent Institute)
Dr. Atlas interviews Alex Epstein, bestselling author and philosopher. He is the author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels,” arguing that human flourishing and freedom itself require that humanity use more fossil fuels, not less. WATCH: »

Philip Magness (Catalyst)
From Harvard to Cornell to Columbia, attempts to justify academic plagiarism by seeking retrospective approval from the original authors have been a favorite go-to excuse. Sorry, academics, but you can’t excuse away your past transgressions by seeking permission. READ MORE »

The Future of Higher Education
The Independent Review, Winter 2022/23

Christopher J. Calton (Orlando Sentinel)
Florida's approach to the homelessness crisis aims to learn from California’s failures by providing more comprehensive support to the homeless population while also protecting the general public. Perhaps California could learn from Florida. READ MORE »

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