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Volume 27, Issue 8: February 20, 2024

Caleb S. Fuller
Old, bad economic arguments are all the rage again, but this time isn’t any different. Price controls, tariffs, antitrust legislation, socialism—these and other dumb ideas still are. When will we learn? READ MORE »

William F. Shughart (American Spectator)
The U.S. national debt now is north of $34 trillion, an unimaginable figure. And that number does not include, just for starters, the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare. Thankfully Charles Dickens’s Wilkins Micawber has the answer.... READ MORE »

The Inevitability of a U.S. Government Default
The Independent Review, Spring 2014

Ivan Eland (National Interest)
The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. This case could reverse the 1984 Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council case—and rid us, in the process, of the regulatory state we have suffered under since. Could we be so lucky? READ MORE »

Jonathan J. Bean, Blaine McCormick (Fortune)
Monday was Presidents Day, but truth be told, most presidents—like lawyers and lobbyists—do little that directly improves the lives of Americans. Entrepreneurs and inventors do, however. Can you name the top ten? READ MORE »

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