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Volume 27, Issue 7: February 14, 2024

Art Carden (Library of Economics and Liberty)
Everyone knows inequality is growing. Right? Wrong. The myth of American inequality is built on a foundation of theoretical and empirical sand. Fortunately, however, a new book by economists Phil Gramm, Robert Ekelund, and John Early sets the record straight. It’s a must read. READ MORE »

Benjamin Ginsberg (Washington Times)
Many Americans continue to express shock at the virulent anti-Israel protests disrupting college campuses. Shocked? Where have these people been? Antisemitism has been endemic on the American campus long before recent terrorist attacks. Trustees need to to attend to the problem of home-grown hate in their own institutions. READ MORE »

Adam Summers
Government makes California a very difficult place to do business. Year after year, the state has the worst business climate in the country. But, thanks to yet more government wage-manipulation, things are about to get especially bad for the poor and young seeking jobs in the state’s once-thriving restaurant industry. READ MORE »

William F. Shughart II
“Jobs Growth Defies Expectations” blares a recent WSJ headline. But don’t be fooled by the rosy scenario painted by recent jobs-growth numbers. Large increases in the number of Americans employed by government are nothing to celebrate. READ MORE »

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