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Volume 27, Issue 6: February 7, 2024

Lawrence J. McQuillan (Bloomberg Tax Insights & Commentary)
In March, Chicago voters will decide whether to increase the city’s real estate title transfer-tax, part of a referendum pushed by Mayor Brandon Johnson. Chicago should consider the painful experience of San Francisco, now working to undo past mistakes on the same issue. But will Chicago listen? READ MORE »

Adam Summers
Single-use plastic bag bans have been all the rage for the past 20 years, but—as is often the case with environmental regulation—proponents have vastly overstated the benefits of these bans and understated the costs. And those costs are very high—both to human health and the environment. Bring back those plastic bags! READ MORE »

Nature Unbound
Bureaucracy vs. the Environment
By Randy Simmons, Ryan M. Yonk, Kenneth J. Sim

Lee E. Ohanian (California on Your Mind)
Voters are not likely to support incumbent George Gascón, LA district attorney, in next month’s primary. And for lots of good reasons, including a 11.7 percent increase in violent crime since 2019 and a 42 percent rise in personal crimes and theft since 2021. Thanks to squatters occupying nearby vacant mansions, even those in Beverly Hills dislike him. He should start burnishing his resume.... READ MORE »

Rightsizing Los Angeles Government
The Independent Review, Spring 2005

John C. Goodman (Forbes)
Two cheers for a rare bipartisan agreement in Congress that would create a larger child tax-credit for parents (Democrats like this bit) and extend key 2017 Trump business-tax breaks (Republicans like this bit). How do we get to three cheers? Less means-tested welfare spending! READ MORE »

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