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Volume 27, Issue 5: January 30, 2024

Christopher J. Calton (MSN News)
Why? Because for those suffering from trauma, mental illness and substance abuse, homelessness is a symptom, not a cause, of those deep problems. As a result, the reigning solution to homelessness, called Housing First, means, in practice, people die indoors rather than on the sidewalk. Welcome mats don’t make drug addiction and overdose deaths disappear. What can be done? READ MORE »

Phillip W. Magness (Law & Liberty)
Free trade, we are told, emerged as a consensus viewpoint only after World War II and is merely a convenient rationalization for the “neoliberal geopolitical agenda.” False on both counts. And the details really matter. Read on—and learn the real story of America’s free trade greatness. READ MORE »

Globalization as Framed by the Two Logics of Trade
The Independent Review, Winter 2001/02

Alvaro Vargas Llosa (Orange County Register)
Thatcher’s Britain in the 1980s. New Zealand in the 1980s and early 1990s. Ireland in the late 1980s and the 1990s. Estonia in the early 1990s. Yes, Javier’s Milei’s Argentina could join this free-market–revolution list of greatest hits—but he needs to produce some early results that give the 60 percent of the population supporting him a reason to keep the faith. How is it going so far? READ MORE »

Latin American Populism in the Twenty-First Century
The Independent Review, Fall 2019

Richard K. Vedder (Minding the Campus)
The story of American higher education from 2011 to 2024 is mostly at story of decline—but not entirely. We should be cautiously optimistic that the market forces, which are beginning to lead to healthy change on campus, will continue. What would help? Reining in the Department of Education? READ MORE »

The Future of Higher Education
The Independent Review, Winter 2022/23

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