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Volume 25, Issue 40: October 6, 2022

Ivan Eland (Real Clear Policy)
The time has come to be more hard-nosed in evaluating Zelensky’s weapons requests. The US has few, if any, strategic interests in that region, except peace. But arms transfers to Ukraine will give Putin real motivation to escalate the war, possibly to the nuclear level. How does that help anybody? READ MORE »

Richard K. Vedder (The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
It is interesting, but depressing, that the more eminent a university the more strenuously its administrators stifle free speech. The case of Amy Wax, the Robert Mundheim Professor of Law in Penn’s law school, is just the latest example. READ MORE »

Burton A. Abrams (American Thinker)
Enough of the nonsense. Progressives are threatening reason, liberty, toleration, and constitutional government. Is this anything other than a new religion—featuring intolerant zealotry, fascistic-socialism, and power-hungry anti-intellectualism? READ MORE »

Lawrence J. McQuillan (The Beacon)
Political roadblocks have created the housing crisis in San Francisco and across California. That’s actually good news, because the solution is simple—remove government from housing development. And a residential “Right to Build” amendment to the state’s constitution would do the trick. READ MORE »

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