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Volume 25, Issue 34: August 24, 2022

Richard K. Vedder (Wall Street Journal)
The U.S. can become exceptional again. It would take a renewed respect for work, laws, fiscal responsibility, enterprise, morals, and education. Are we up to the task? READ MORE »

Anthony Gregory and K. Lloyd Billingsley
And there is a lot to remember—particularly that the surveillance and security state, slouching toward a city near you, is now 30 years old. And gaining strength.... READ MORE »

Williamson M. Evers
The war between Russia and Ukraine—is there a guide through all this complexity? Yes, our Williamson M. Evers, Ph.D., Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Educational Excellence, has just penned this indispensable annotated list of recommended readings. READ MORE »

Russia & Ukraine: Background to Conflict
Williamson M. Evers

All Recommended Readings
Presented by Williamson M. Evers

Álvaro Vargas Llosa (
Ultimately, the Rushdie affair reminds us that no one who dares write and speak publicly is free from the ire of those who hate freedom. It is the price that writers and public intellectuals have always paid—and will continue to pay. Agree with them or not, we should admire their courage. READ MORE »

The Challenge of Liberty
Classical Liberalism Today
Edited by Robert Higgs, Carl P. Close

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