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Volume 23, Issue 4: January 26, 2021

By John C. Goodman (Forbes, 1/22/21)
The Trump administration enacted several key reforms that improved health care, including expanding telemedicine, giving employees 24/7 access to primary care, and allowing employers to purchase insurance their workers could own and could take with them from job to job. Donald Trump, however, failed to campaign on these and other important health reforms and missed the opportunity to make the case for finishing the job. READ MORE »

By K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Thinker, 1/20/21)
In his first year alone, President Trump withdrew or delayed 1,579 planned regulatory actions, accounting for some $570.4 million in savings. Expect the Biden administration to fast track mountains of new restrictions that will help special interests while burdening small businesses and middle-class families. READ MORE »

By Angelo M. Codevilla (American Greatness, 1/19/21)
For more than a generation, a majority of Americans have expressed growing distrust of, and alienation from, the establishment. Now more than ever, that disparate majority needs leadership—a new “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”—to prevail against emboldened and out-of-touch elites. READ MORE »

By Richard K. Vedder (Forbes, 1/4/21)
Student loan programs are a disaster, and an alternative approach needs to be considered. What if successful local entrepreneurs could easily invest in students—a collegiate “Shark Tank” similar to the popular TV show? READ MORE »

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