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Volume 21, Issue 10: March 12, 2019

By Ronald L. Trowbridge (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/25/19)
Congress lacks the votes needed to override a presidential veto of a resolution blocking President Trump’s “national emergency” declaration to secure funding for a border wall. Therefore, the issue will probably go to the Supreme Court—with Chief Justice Roberts likely casting a deciding vote in the president’s favor. READ MORE »

By Richard K. Vedder (Forbes, 3/4/19)
President Trump has proposed cutting federal funding of universities that impede free speech on campus. Although the illiberal actions of school administrators merit attention, the president’s approach could end up harming free speech. READ MORE »

By John C. Goodman (Forbes, 2/28/19)
Republicans have eased the burden of Obamacare by ending the individual mandate and enabling short-term insurance that is exempt from Obamacare regulations. Despite these victories, Republicans will lose health care debates unless they correct four mistakes. READ MORE »

By Benjamin Powell and Rafael Acevedo (The Daily Caller, 3/4/19)
Venezuela badly needs to rid itself of President Nicholas Maduro and his oppressive policies. Unfortunately, opposition leader Juan Guaido doesn’t support the fundamental market reforms the country needs most. READ MORE »

By William F. Shughart II (The Hill, 10/14/18)
Last November, California voters passed a ballot measure that allows a supermajority of legislators to seek the state’s exemption from national Daylight Saving Time. Studies indicate that the benefits of changing the clocks twice annually are dubious, but the costs in terms of lost productivity and diminished health and safety are real. READ MORE »

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