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News Releases

Date Title
6/18/2024 Satirical Look at America’s Endless Wars and the People Who Run Them
3/6/2024 Blame Politicians, Not Producers, for High California Gasoline Prices
2/20/2024 New Book Explores Roots of Left-Wing Anti-Semitism
1/24/2024 New Season of “Love Gov” Satirical Video Series Lambastes Government Control over Schools
12/14/2023 Independent Institute Names Phillip W. Magness as the David J. Theroux Chair in Political Economy
12/13/2023 Brad DeVos Joins Independent Institute As Chief Operating Officer
10/10/2023 A New Look at the New Deal and FDR’s Shredding of the Bill of Rights
5/31/2023 Scholars Respond to the Question
“Is Social Justice Just?”
4/19/2023 Independent Institute Files Amicus Brief in US Supreme Court Case Impacting Workers’ Free Speech Rights
1/25/2023 Independent Institute Furthers Work on Homelessness by Joining North America Recovers Alliance, Urging Biden’s Department of Justice to Stop Government Drug Sites
12/8/2022 New Book In Search of Monsters to Destroy Proposes Alternatives—Fostering Peace, Prosperity
10/3/2022 Highway Heist Solutions for America’s Crumbling Infrastructure
8/16/2022 Law Enforcement Agencies Using License Plate Readers Earn California Golden Fleece® Award for Inadequate Safeguards
6/30/2022 Independent Institute Research Director Comments on SCOTUS Restricting EPA’s Authority
6/24/2022 Independent Institute Amicus Curiae Brief Cited in Landmark Second Amendment US Supreme Court Case
5/24/2022 Independent Institute Announces New Leadership
4/26/2022 David J. Theroux
4/7/2022 “Critical Math” Doesn’t Add Up
3/31/2022 Father of Child Who Was Denied Cancer Coverage under Obamacare Testifies at House Hearing Against Democrats’ Push for Single Payer Healthcare
1/19/2022 Crime, Grime, and Greed—Bay Area Rapid Transit “Wins” California Golden Fleece® Award
12/16/2021 New Hampshire Most Economically-Free State, New York Least-Free for Seventh Consecutive Year
11/30/2021 Automated License Plate Readers: A Study in Failure.
11/11/2021 New Policy Report Now Available for National Homelessness Awareness Month
11/9/2021 Over 1,160 STEM Professionals Sign Open Letter Urging Rejection of Proposed “Social Justice” Math Framework in California Schools
9/1/2021 20 Years of the U.S.’s “War on Terror”
7/23/2021 Independent Institute Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Second Amendment US Supreme Court Case
7/21/2021 Independent Institute’s Excellence Prize Awarded
7/13/2021 California to Postpone Vote to Cancel Math
4/27/2021 New California Golden Fleece® Award: COVID-19 Failures in California
4/21/2021 After Independent Institute Exposé, Planned Parenthood Finally Cancels Their Founder, “Progressive” Racist/Eugenicist Margaret Sanger
4/12/2021 Private, Low-Cost, High-Quality Schools in High Demand in Poorest Places on Earth
4/1/2021 K-12 and Higher Education Bibliographies Serve as Foundations for Student Preparation to Better Serve Education Needs
3/30/2021 Does Government “Stimulus” Really Stimulate?
3/25/2021 Renowned Economist and Author Judy L. Shelton Joins the Independent Institute as Senior Fellow
2/16/2021 New Book Explores the Inaccuracies in Historical Climate Data
12/15/2020 Can Free-Market Reforms Save America’s Social Safety Net?
10/13/2020 Infectious Diseases and Government Growth
9/23/2020 1619? 1776? How About a “490 B.C. Project”?
9/17/2020 Bugs in the System: California’s Monumental IT Failures Earn Latest California Golden Fleece® Award
8/20/2020 The Crisis in Civil Rights

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