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News Release
February 16, 2021

New Book Explores the Inaccuracies in Historical Climate Data
There is no “climate crisis” resulting from human activities and no such threat on the horizon.

Oakland, CA—Overheated rhetoric has politicized and misinformed the public about the earth’s climate. S. Fred Singer’s classic 1997 book on global warming—and antidote to alarmism—Hot Talk, Cold Science has been updated and expanded, incorporating numerous recent scientific findings, making this fascinating and complex subject accessible to general readers.

Dr. Singer passed away in April 2020, but not before updating and expanding his much-discussed book with the co-authors, and atmospheric scientist Anthony R. Lupo (University of Missouri) and climatologist David R. Legates (University of Delaware).

Merging recent developments in science, economics, and public policy, Hot Talk, Cold Science, 3rd Edition is a much-needed, peer-reviewed, de-coding book to a sprawling, highly technical literature, giving readers a clear understanding of what scientists and policymakers know about climate change—and what they don’t. The book allows independent thinkers to better detect and reason beyond the hyperbole and propaganda all-too-common in the politics and media coverage of this heated subject.

Dr. S. Fred Singer—the founding director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Center—wrote the first edition of the classic book, Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate. In the new edition (twice the size of the previous edition) the authors explore the inaccuracies in historical climate data, the limitations on and failures of climate models, solar variability along with the effects of clouds, ocean currents, and sea levels on global climate, plus factors that could mitigate any human impact on world climate.

“Over the years and despite all the invectives poured upon him by climate alarmists, Dr. Singer has stood his ground for scientific integrity and adherence to the scientific method. For that, he is to be greatly commended,” said climatologist David R. Legates.

In their afterword to Hot Talk, Cold Science, 3rd Edition, climatologists Drs. Legates and Lupo state that no one was more qualified to write a book incorporating recent developments in the science and politics of climate change than Dr. Singer. “His myriad of accomplishments serves to illustrate why he is one of the very few people who have both the requisite political experience and the scientific background,” Drs. Legates and Lupo write.

This single book on climate science and policy serves as both an authoritative but accessible guide for both lay readers and those already versed in these complex and vital issues.

To interview Drs. Anthony R. Lupo or David R. Legates, contact Robert Ade at (510) 632-1366, ext. 114 or [email protected].

Credentials: Dr. Anthony R. Lupo is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and Professor of Atmospheric Science and Principal Investigator of the Global Climate Change Group in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri. He has been a Member of the Working Groups I and III for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and he is the author of 135 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. Dr. David R. Legates is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Professor of Climatology in the Department of Geography and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Applied Economics and Statistics at the University of Delaware. He is former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Observation and Prediction and former Executive Director of the United States Global Change Research Program.


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