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News Releases

Date Title
3/10/2009 Did the New Deal and World War II End the Great Depression?
2/25/2009 After a Six-Year Occupation, How Does the United States Leave Iraq?
2/24/2009 Causing the Housing Crisis All Over Again
1/15/2009 Stephen Halbrook To Testify Against Confirmation of Eric Holder for Attorney General at Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing
1/15/2009 Scholarship Applications Now Available for East Bay Students
12/5/2008 Think You Know Which Presidents Were Great and Why? Think Again!
11/10/2008 What Must Vietnam Do to Join the Asian Tigers?
10/22/2008 Alvaro Vargas Llosa Host of “Consecuencias: Latin America Uncovered”
10/10/2008 Independent Scholarship Fund Gives Bay Area Students an Alternative
10/10/2008 Independent Institute Announces Winners of Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest
10/3/2008 How and Why the Federal Government Created the Mortgage Meltdown
9/12/2008 Spanish-language Blog El Independent Receives One Millionth Visitor
8/25/2008 Independent Institute to Honor Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Andy Garcia, and William K. Bowes, Jr. at A Gala for Liberty in San Francisco
8/6/2008 How Private Money Ended a Financial Crisis
7/28/2008 Stephen P. Halbrook Representing Dick Heller in New D.C. Gun Lawsuit
6/6/2008 U.S. Supreme Court to Determine Meaning of Second Amendment
5/30/2008 From Peru to Nigeria, Entrepreneurs are Battling Poverty
5/30/2008 The Empire Has No Clothes Challenges U.S. Policy Of “Preemptive” Wars and “Nation Building”
4/25/2008 Independent Institute Wins Seventh Sir Antony Fisher Award
4/7/2008 Terrorism Presents a Serious Threat—But the “War on Terror” is the Real Catastrophe
4/4/2008 Why the Treasury’s Plan for “Overhauling” the Fed Will Be Disastrous
3/17/2008 U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Second Amendment Case Tomorrow
1/11/2008 Is the U.S. Provoking a New Cold War—In Space?
11/14/2007 Economists Propose Proven Strategies for Eradicating Poverty
11/12/2007 New Study Shows “Inclusionary Zoning” Hinders Development and Makes Housing Less Affordable
10/10/2007 Independent Institute Announces 2007 Olive W. Garvey Fellowship Awards
9/26/2007 A Diplomatic Road to Damascus
9/21/2007 Opposing the Crusader State
9/4/2007 Protecting U.S. Oil Interests?
6/12/2007 Nuclear Nonproliferation in the Post-9/11 World
6/6/2007 How Americans Are Losing Both Freedom AND Security
5/21/2007 Are Government Police, Courts, and Law Really Ideal?
4/17/2007 Independent Scholarship Fund Offers Displaced East Bay Students Opportunity for Private/Parochial Education
3/12/2007 Constitutional Legal Scholar Acclaims Federal Court's Overturning of D.C. Gun Ban
2/17/2007 Raiding the Defense Budget to Fund Local Pork
2/7/2007 Is A Congestion Tax The Answer For Commuters?
2/1/2007 $1000 Popcorn Poppers
1/29/2007 New Book Points to Brighter Future for Electricity Customers
11/8/2006 Alvaro Vargas Llosa Wins First Annual Juan Bautista Alberdi Award
11/6/2006 Higgs, Spillane Win Thomas Szasz Civil Liberties Awards

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