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Love Gov: About the Blockbuster Videos on Liberty | Graham Walker Interviews David & Mary Theroux
Posted: Wed. September 16, 2020, 12:33pm PT

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As recent riots have demonstrated, many in the rising generation seem to have lost sight of the central importance of liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, civic virtue, and the rule of law. During the COVID-19 crisis, all generations have witnessed how the government has expanded its role while putting personal liberty at risk. And, Millennials and “Gen-Zers” have a front row seat watching Big Government do massive ill and get even bigger.

Recognizing the need to focus on the pressing issues of the "Next Gen" audience, the Independent Institute created "Love Gov," the award-winning, humorous YouTube series that satirizes Big Government. Since it was launched a few years ago, the 10-episode series that spans two seasons has received more than 31.5 million combined views and 31 film awards and laurels.

“Love Gov” has been extremely successful in pulling young people away from the mistaken appeal of Socialism and Big Government. By using humor—the best tool for opening minds, the series visually portrays young people experiencing runaway government blocking their access to affordable healthcare and housing, as well as interfering with entrepreneurship, employment, and privacy—showing that all can be better secured through individual freedom, entrepreneurship, and free-market cooperation.

This Lighthouse Briefing video features Independent Institute President David J. Theroux and Independent Senior Vice President Mary L.G. Theroux being interviewed by Independent Executive Director Dr. Graham H. Walker to discuss the "Love Gov" project, how it came into being, and the big impact it is making. As a fun note, David and Mary share some of our favorite clips from the series.

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