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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Inflation Was Always a Monetary Phenomenon, Never Transitory
The Fed must realize that monetary policy is not about interest rates, but about the rate of growth in the money supply.
Claudine Gay: Critical Plagiarism Theory
James Gwartney Made Economics Accessible
He helped popularize free-market ideas and even brought them to post-Soviet Russia.
Let Unconstitutional Federal Government Surveillance of Americans Lapse
Section 702 always has been unconstitutional; Congress should let it lapse.
Racial Preferences Replay Under Gavin’s Governance
Invoking “research” to override law and justify unequal treatment.
San Francisco Must Stop Enabling Substance Abuse
The Department of Education Needs to Die
Let People Reimagine Housing to Make It More Affordable
ChatGPT Is a Calculator; Deal with It
How FDR Emasculated the Black Press in World War II
Instead of indulging in politically risky sedition prosecutions of the black press, the government relied on indirect methods of behind-the-scenes manipulation and intimidation.

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