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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Taxation as Social Justice
Academic Lies about Free-Market Economists
When the Left and Right Came Together to Applaud Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
San Francisco Values? Nancy Pelosi Explains It All for You.
According to her city, rules that apply to the working class don’t apply to the ruling class.
He’s at It Again! Merrick Garland Proposes Ever-More Intrusive ATF Regulations.
Freedom of Choice in Education: the Origins of a Slogan
For Whom Does the Ball Roll?
It’s time to recognize the successes and failures of American collegiate sports.
Misinformation Is a Word We Use to Shut You Up
Framers Would Likely Agree with Disqualifying Trump Under 14th Amendment
Newsom’s COVID Coverup
Despite the governor’s claims in his recent NBC interview, it was him calling the shots.

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